Time To Refresh!

Whenever I experience a technical glitch, my answer is to press the restart/refresh/reset button. It’s the ultimate do-over! Instead of getting stuck in idle, we have a chance to start again. Besides, is there anything more frustrating than sitting in a holding pattern watching time tick by when all we really want to do is keep moving forward?

January is almost a done deal, and many of us may be thinking about the New Year’s Resolutions we agreed to at the beginning of the year. But even if we haven’t made much progress, it’s never too late to push the restart button. Whether you want to jumpstart your health goals, make meaningful advances at work, or with your finances, or find your spiritual center, there’s no time like the present to break the habits that may be holding you back to make room for more brilliance to enter into your life.

The catch: We can’t just talk about it. We have to BE about it.

I’ll admit, it’s not that easy. Often we opt for what’s comfortable instead of pushing the envelope. We paint ourselves into corners that stunt our progress. But, the beautiful thing is, if we listen to our inner voice and do a gut check, we can find the motivation to move forward.

I’d love to know what new vision you have in store for your own life this year. Drop a comment here when you have a moment and share how you plan to make 2019 a year like no other. Stay in touch…

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