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The untimely death of Luke Perry from stroke-related causes has me a bit shook. You see, recently I embarked on a journey to make wellness–both physically and emotionally–a priority. Simply put, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

This reflection reminded me of a deep conversation I once had with a colleague about how often we put ourselves last, especially when it comes to our health. She had recently rushed to the emergency room to be at the bedside of one of her dear friends. The friend had landed in the hospital, she believed, because her friend had been so busy doing for others she’d failed to focus on her own health and wellness.

As she wondered why so many of us wait until there’s a problem before we take action, I asked myself the same thing. I, too, had to admit that like far too many of us I’ve had moments when my health has gone on the back burner.

This time feels different, though. I’ve found a fitness and wellness app that is helping me keep track of my physical activity and my eating patterns. I’ve followed through with important screenings such as an annual physical, mammogram and started going back to my spin class more regularly.

These actions have given me a sense of empowerment to have clarity about my health status.

Yes, it’s only human for us to think about the what-ifs: What if the doctors find something? What if I have to make life changes based on the results? But isn’t that outcome better than finding yourself on the other side of a health crisis, wondering “if only.”

Think about it: with just the click on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, you can find the help you need to make wellness a priority. I’d love to hear what steps you are taking each day to promote wellness in your life, and in the lives of those you love.

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