Work. Life. Balance.

I come from a long line of working women. My grandmother was employed at the local pajama factory in Fort Deposit, Alabama, where she stood on her feet for hours each day, ironing and folding. My mother spent most of her work life at was once known as New Jersey Bell and eventually became Verizon, working her way up to management before opting to take early retirement.

I know it wasn’t easy for either of them to manage a workload and family life, but they did it with incredible grace, and I learned a lot watching their examples.

It’s too early to predict what profession my soon-to-be sixteen year old daughter will pursue, but I’m hopeful my choice to have a career has influenced her positively, and given her an honest look at how to navigate the demands of work and home.

No matter the job function or experience level, I believe we share a common goal: to not live to work, but rather, to work in order to live the life we desire to enjoy.

Technology provides us with efficiency, but it also presents challenges that tip the balance toward work. These days it’s possible for us to be connected to our jobs wherever we are, and we might feel the pressure to plug in if for no other reason than to not fall behind on our tasks.

So how do we restore balance? Better self-awareness, I feel, is the first step for all of us. That begins not at work, but at home. Will we really suffer if we take time away from tech and social media? That time can be otherwise well spent making meaningful connections with our loved ones–connections that in the end are the only ones that really matter.

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