Tune In To The Beat Within

It is not easy to be the outlier, the one who opts to do things differently, to chart a course that may not be the one conventional wisdom says is the most acceptable. Still, now more than ever, we need people who are willing to tune in to that different beat within, even if it […]


Making the Most of Your Dormant Season

Recently I spoke at a women’s conference and a woman in the audience who follows me on Instagram asked me, “ Since I know you like to garden, how would you describe the season you are in right now?” Without hesitation, I said that this is my dormant season. Let me explain. After years of […]


Time To Refresh!

Whenever I experience a technical glitch, my answer is to press the restart/refresh/reset button. It’s the ultimate do-over! Instead of getting stuck in idle, we have a chance to start again. Besides, is there anything more frustrating than sitting in a holding pattern watching time tick by when all we really want to do is […]


Live in the N.O.W.

While on vacation not long ago, I toured a beautiful Hawaiian island. Instantly I was reminded how fortunate we are when we have the opportunity to escape and see something new. It opens us up to different ways of thinking and seeing life. Along the trip, there were incredible waterfalls, black sand beaches and a […]


We Are All Snowflakes

I can remember when I was in elementary school, every winter season we’d make snowflakes out of construction paper, snipping them into all sorts of unique shapes. The teacher would then tell us that in real life no two snowflakes are alike. I actually enjoyed the notion of that: that you can be a singular […]


Is The Life You’ve Curated The One You Want?

Helen Caldicott, an anti-nuclear weapons advocate, once said, “We are the curators of life on earth. We hold it in the palm of our hand.” I’d like to add a little more to that thought. I believe we cannot curate anything–an art collection, a museum exhibit, a life–without being clear about our intention. Some questions […]


Season of Gifts

After the turkey leftovers and sweet potato pie are a faded memory, our thoughts often turn to the gifting season. Most of us tend to think of this as the time we hit the mall/desktop/small-business-in-the-neighborhood to start gathering presents for loved ones. But I’d like to offer another reason to enjoy this season: celebrating the […]


Six Ways to Get Unstuck

As I debated whether or not to start this website, one nagging thought kept creeping back into my consciousness: “Do you have anything worth saying?” This is the negative speak that often plays on repeat in our heads, over and over again. It’s a slippery slope of self-doubt that does not serve us well–at all. […]

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